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Fees & T&Cs

What’s the Buzz-fee?

The annual fee is £125 and just £13/month for your cooked breakfast. That’s less than £250 (or just over £23/month) for a year of new business contacts and 12 buzzin’ Friday mornings.

Once you become a Buzzard Networking Group member there will be a ‘lock out’ from other professionals in your sector or speciality. We are a Non Profit group and any profit is put back into the group to run our annual Business Fayre and we also donate and surplus funds to our chosen charity for the year.


Any T&Cs?

Not many.

Obviously we need you to pay your annual fee when you join. And pay for brekkie before the next monthly meeting.

Turning up on time is positively encouraged. So is bringing guests. And referring work to other members is brilliant. That’s ultimately what the Buzzards is all about.

We’re a completely non-profit group. Any surplus generated will be invested into making the Buzzards Networking Group even better and we will also be supporting some local good causes.

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